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  • RudiStor sound systems, global call for collaboration
  • In order to improve our service and market coverage we are currently looking for collaborators on various fields and in different countries. This will not effect the "small company" structure of RudiStor that will remain mostly a handcrafting European based company, but will make it possible to cover fields that we neglected due to lack of time and human resources. Head of the designer team, responsible for quality checking and final control will still be Rudi Stor.
  • Direct collaboration
  • We are looking for:
    • Electronic engineer for high level design
    • Electronic engineer for PCB design and assembly and expert in component mining
    • Logistic for some areas TBD (who can collect and dispatch items) and keep relationship with our courier (UPS-Fedex-DHL)
    • Secretary with knowledge of international accounting
    • Skilled web-designer and webmaster
  • These positions can be full time or part time, the employer will be our USA based company, even cooperation of a few hours a week can be taken in consideration.
  • The areas of most interest are: UK, European Nordic Countries, USA, Australia, Japan
  • The knowledge of modern communication systems is a must, we work connected with Skype 24/7, Fringe, Tango and Cisco conferencing systems. BlackBerry (BIS ans BES) is the corporation platform for mobile intercompany communications.
  • Dealers and Resellers
  • We are looking for partners, that means already operative organizations, with an active structure, and an active service to support the customers. A partner must have a relative capacity of investment for stock and demo's and must be available to participate in local events. He must have a selected and small selection of brands in his bouquet. We need partners in the following Countries: USA (2), Australia and NZ, Japan, Thailand, and France.
  • For requests of direct collaboration This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Write a short description of your experience or describe your sales or support organization and what your expectations are.
  • We will respond shortly (within a week).