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  • NX-03 Class A headphone amplifier
  • An extraordinary performer although a clean and simple amplification unit, encased in a fascinating hi-end box. An exercise of technology and design, to give the audiophile the best sound and the pleasure to own a piece of artwork.
  • The sound quality and performance are absolute, this amplifier can drive any headphone from 4 to 1000 Ohm. The Distortion (Linear, Harmonic and Intermodulation) is so low, at any frequency and level, that it is even very hard to measure!
  • The amp is completely linear from DC to 100KHz, and the damping factor is so high that this amp can easily drive small speakers.
  • No capacitors are used on the signal path, no global negative feedback is used.
  • The amplifier uses OPAmps as signal amplifiers and bias voltage servo actuator, in a simple but effective circuitry, with a very short signal path, and usage of few selected components.
  • The current output devices are Darlington Bipolar transistor assisted by a solid state constant current generator.
  • NX-03 steel is extraordinary fast, this added to the high dynamics and overall power, generates a sensational punch feeling. The neutral sound, deep-end controlled bass, and the transparent highs, are the best way to describe the sound of this small great amplifier.
  • The amplifier is completely dead silent; noise floor is reduced down to -113 dB, so it is the right choice for SACD, given the superior dynamic range.
  • A simple layout, an accurate selection of components, for a quality and performing designHighest quality stainless steel casing, 10mm CNC machined faceplate, engraved faceplate graphics, chromed aluminum hand-made knob, give the NX-03 the right look for high class performing.
  • Thanks to totally dark floor-noise, NX-03 is a perfect combo with high-end IEM

lead free This product is made in Europe in respects of CE regulations by professionals and qualified laboratories under supervision of RudiStor R&D LABS
Technology IC and bipolar transistor
Class of working ALWAYS CLASS A High Curent
Power Supply Capacitance Multiplier + RC filter PSU
Maximum Output swing (Vpp) 15 Vpp
Bandwith at +/- < 0.05 dB 0 Hz (DC) to 100 Khz
THD at (3Vpp~1Vrms, 1 KHz, 32 Ω) 0,003%
Output impedance (on headphone jack) <1 Ω up to >100Ω
Input impedance 22khm-47Khm
Slew Rate 0.09uSec
Max Gain 10dB
S/N weighted "A" at 20Cent. After 30' -113 dB
Construction material polished stainless stel, avional
Size: Large, Deep, High (mm) 250.0 - 250.0 - 50.0
Weight (Kg) 3,2
Operating voltage 100 to 240 must be specified on order
Consumption A 45 VA
In line from 2005
N° of Input 1 pair RCA
N° of Output (line signal) 1 pair RCA
Preamplified Output ND
N° of headphone output (Jack 6.5 mm) 2 (can be used at same time)

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