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General view and price list

  • NX-03 Class A, High Current extraordinary performing amplifier jointed with fascinating high class enclosure, An exercise of technology and design, to give to the audiophile the best sound and the pleasure to own an artwork
  • European Union Price € 709
  • Worldwide Price US $ 625
  • RPX-38 DualMono It will give you the best music listening experience you can expect in a desktop amplifier. An High Current Class A amplifier based only on discrete components. Due to it' damping factor it is capable to drive any kind of headphone commercial or exoteric from 16 to 600 ohm without any problem, it will always drive at full power headphone and make the headphone in the condition to deliver all his best.
  • European Union Price € 1.650
  • Worldwide Price US $ 1.400
  • RP030 QuadMono Balanced with innovative power supply circuitry and ultra low noise solid state design... RP030 is an amplifier of a new generation, it's the legacy of years of work, research and studies, it joint latest technology with most of our tradition doing available to music lovers the best headphone amplifier...
  • European Union Price € 3.514
  • Worldwide Price US $ 2.960