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  • Our history and our mission
  • RudiStor Sound Systems was created in Italy in 2003 by Dr. Rudi Stor.
  • ...we are no part of any trust of manufacturers, nor member of the board in any "forum", or supported by any online or paper magazine. We don't ask for any "guided" reviews... We are a proudly independent company...
  • From 2004 the Company activity has been focused on headphone amplification, but we have been designing and producing phono stages, power and integrated amplifiers, DAC, audiocables and professional studio electronic devices as well.
  • Our mission and philosophy are very simple: to design and manufacture the highest quality audio electronics circuits, with less compromises as possible, and with no prejudices on components or circuitry topology at all, in order to reach the highest quality of sound, and, the most important aspect, a genuine life-like audio experience.
  • As part of our philosophy, we are not focused on designs or production to compete with other manufacturers of designs, to be "better than" is not inside our goals at all. Our main target is to be "as good as" real life sound. All of our design and manufacturing staff, have in one way or another a direct experience in music, playing instruments, being part of a group, or working in recording, and as a "Company Policy" at least one live concert a week must be on Rudiour agenda, so although we work in a technical and scientific field, we keep close contact with real music, with art itself, a concept that is always very clear in our minds.
  • To reach our mission we dedicate many hours and resources in research and development in our lab, and all our products result from our original designs, many of our products incorporate some very interesting and innovative solutions of which we are proud of.
  • We buy components directly from manufacturers, or through important distributors that assure "first hand quality" initial selection dedicated to their best customers, but that is not all; after this, the components must pass our extremely demanding and selective tests. Many components are made according to our specifications.
  • Our R&D lab, that also works for direct production of the top range production and custom designs, is based in Trieste (Italy) but we also use for the rest of the production some other outsourcing high quality companies, from different parts of the world.
  • Standards production is made by highly professional labs in Europe or in the US under our strict supervision, and all products must pass through our lab for final tests, tuning and approval.
  • From August 2006 "RudiStor Sound Systems" and "RudiStor R&D labs" are a trademark of Audio Research Alliance LLC (located in Wilmington, DE, USA).
  • From September 2009 RudiStor-Pacific Pte LTD was founded  in Singapore in joint venture with other companies for designing, manufacturing and trading of portable and entry level Linearossa and Schockwave products.The Linearossa and Shockwave brand was discoontiunued in 2010-2011 and later RudiStor-pacific closed the activities. This in order to mantain our focus on high-end production made in Italy. From January 2013 Linearossa and Shockwave products are no more supported.
  • In September 2010  the show room and shop at Hong Kong were opened as well as in Singapore in Adelphi Center.
  • In the summer of 2011 an agreement was made with the highly qualified laboratory (Teknoter SRL) based in Trieste in order to provide handcrafting of some of our products, all under our direct supervision.
  • In August 2011 the sales through Amazon was started (with amplifier on stock located in USA) for the US market
  • In September 2011 RudiStor Sound Systems R&D Lab in Italy stopped all sales and commercial operations to work only as a Research Lab.
  • In November 2011 the asset of the company changed into a pure over-national reality, we  advise our customer in advance.